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2017-05-05 10:52:42
Tips to Help Prevent Crime

I work for a security company and here are a few good tips that I can share with you based on my experience. Crime is up so we have to all be diligent in being part of the solution to protect our Families and neighborhood (read Prop 47 & 57). I thought I would reach out and send a couple of tips on helping to prevent crime from happening to you.

1) CARELESSNESS: Avoid leaving valuables in the front yard for the criminals to see and are tempted to get.

2) GATES: Increase the height of your side gates and keep them locked at all times. If your grades are easy to jump over, this makes it easier for criminals to go to the back, make it difficult. You're trying to buy time and to make crime a little bit more challenging.

3) BUSHES: keep the bushes trimmed so that a criminal is unable to hide behind any big shrubbery. Take a step back from the street, and look at your house and ask yourself, ' where can somebody hide?'. Go ahead and trim on necessary shrubbery that is way too high, waist an above is a good measuring tool.

4) GARAGE DOOR: Criminals can come through your garage door and break in within a few seconds by putting in a coat hanger and pulling down the cable from the outside. In your garage there is a long cable ROPE with a knob at the end of it. Cut off the knob and shorten the ROPE so that in case they stick a coat hanger to attempt to pull that cable, it will avoid entry into your garage.

5) ATTACHED GARAGE: If your garage is attached to your home always lock it.
If they do get into the garage, you don't want to make it easy for them to just walk in to your house since you left the garage door unlocked.

6) WINDOWS: Keep all windows locked when you leave, this is one of the easiest and most common ways that the burglars get in. Lock all windows.

7) BACK AREA: A lot of times the burglars are going to want to break in through the back, the more complicated you make the back entry, the better you can prevent the crime from happening by making it difficult for them. Burglars like to be out of site, that's why the back doors are commonly hit.

8) LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: Always make sure that you and your neighbors communicate any suspicious activity and call the police. Be part of the Neighborhood Watch!

9) FACEBOOK Posts: Don't let the burglars know that you're out of town or that you're shopping at the grocery store real time info posted.

10) Security: Install cameras and alarms, these will help serve as a deterrent and if something were to happen, God forbid, you will have documented evidence to provide the police for prosecution. (Under $950 is petty theft)

We are all paying tax dollars, report any suspicious or criminal activity immediately.

LA Security Cameras, Inc.
(213) 761-7900

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Tips to Help Prevent Crime

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